What If Your Collection Was Destroyed Or Stolen?

Franklin Silverstone and Linda Duram join us this week on The Collectors Show  to talk about a neat tool for collectors called, “Collectify”.

Does you collection just morph into a bundle of stuff? Do you want to have an organized collection? Do you want to ever have your collection curated? You will never be able to approach a curated level with first having a system of organization. Imagine that you lost a big collection and needed to make a claim? Collectify will help with these. Collectify has two products. One is for collectors and the other for home inventory.

Launched in 2001, Collectify for collectors started to help organize collections. The software is very easy to use and walks collectors through the process effortlessly. Just as important, the software knows the right questions to ask about your collection. And the more information known about a collection, the better.

While the software exists on the computer of the collector, it can also exist in the cloud. So if a home or is stolen, destroyed or severely damaged, collectors can still make an insurance claim as inventory exists outside the home.

There is also a feature called “comparison objects” that compares the value of what you own to other, comparable items. So it’s not just someone’s opinion about value. There is real data that is verifiable. There are plenty of insurance companies that use the tool themselves and recommend it to some of their customers.

As disaster knows no season, keeping track of important, rare or personal property is more important than before. Collectify is a very simple but powerful tool for collectors to maintain a proper inventory.

2 responses to “What If Your Collection Was Destroyed Or Stolen?

  1. Great product ! Affordable, easy to use.

  2. Thank you, Corinne! Key factors in choosing a collections management product. Also, being able to fully customize the software allows for anyone to catalogue his/her collectibles, from comic books, to LP’s (if people still remember what those are!) to vintage cars. We can’t overemphasize the importance of having a proper record of your belongings and, unfortunately, most people only appreciate this when it’s too late.

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