Collectify LLC announced last week at SOFA Chicago the launch of Collectify Cloud, a private Cloud service that allows subscribers to manage their collections and possessions anytime anywhere. Collectify LLC is the only software company to offer a complete solution to collections and home inventory management needs, with their two leading softwares: Collectify™ Collectors’ Edition, and Collectify™ Home Inventory.

Collectify™ Collectors’ Edition allows the cataloguer to choose from 33 pre-defined collection types or customize fields to fit the collection or use.

Collectify™ Collectors’ Edition allows the cataloguer to:

• choose from 33 pre-defined collection types or customize fields to fit the collection or use

• select from 40 template reports or customize

• track the location of objects. If on loan, know when that object will be returned

• document financial and insurance details of the collection

• store appraisals, insurance, catalogs and other documents associated with the objects

• email reports to insurance carriers, brokers, family and friends

• build profiles of artists, manufacturers, framers, restorers, auction houses, and link them to the objects in your collection • store images, sound clips, and videos

• generate an insurance report at the click of a button.

Franklin Silverstone, Chairman and CEO of Collectify, commented: “We opted to go with a private Cloud service because of the extra layer of security it offers over the public Cloud – especially with all the recent security breaches that have occurred with web-browser based Clouds. Our clients’ data security is of the utmost importance to us.”

About the company:Based in Connecticut and Montreal, Collectify LLC was founded byFranklin Silverstone in 1993. Widely acknowledged as an innovator in thefield of professional inventory and renowned for the quality of theirsoftware, the firm provides Collectify™ Home Inventory Edition software aswell as its original product, Collectify™ Collector’s Edition software. Withmore than four decades of art, antiques, appraisal and auction businessexperience, Silverstone was formerly a senior partner of PhillipsAuctioneers, London, Head of Fine Art for all Phillips auctions rooms andSenior Partner in the US and Canada. He is curator for Charles R.Bronfman, the founder and owner of Franklin Silverstone LLC, and pastcurator of The Claridge Collection, Canada’s premier decorative artscollection.http://www.collectifycloud.com

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