The Best Collectible Action Figures for 2014

This week on The Collectors Show, Daniel Pickett discusses collecting action figures and the results of his recent time at the Toy Fair 2014. Daniel Pickett is one of the founders and writers behind the popular web site, Action Figure Insider ( The site is one of the premier toy news sites anywhere. On the site, Daniel and his colleagues share their personal insights about the industry and produce a great deal of original content. The Toy Fair supplied some interesting developments that collectors will want to make note.

The Rocketeer is considered the 'white whale' of action figures. It will be available from Funco later this year.

The Rocketeer is considered the ‘white whale’ of action figures. It will be available from Funco later this year.

What’s New 

Like so many collectibles, baby boomers are interested in finding action figures that were made during their childhoods, re-issued or made in the same style and with the same materials as those made in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. According to Daniel, the 6-8 inch cloth figures have made a comeback. “These figures are not just the characters from shows like the $6 Million Man, but are made with the same materials and in the same style as those,” said Pickett. “It is a new take on retro.”

While according to show host and grasper of the obvious Harold Nicoll, “there is nothing new about ‘retro’,” action figure toys from The Twilight Zone, Love Boat, and others will appeal to older collectors. It is hard to figure what the appeal of characters from that era would be to children who want toys to play with. Therefore, the collector must be the target market.

Figures To Collect

A collectible figure of The Rocketeer will finally be available from manufacturer Funco. Others to watch are from D.C. Comics, Pop Vinyl and Krypt Kitties. Both are also interested in the future of action figures that will come from the upcoming Star Wars movies. The best thing to do is probably stay plugged into for all the best and the latest information.

The Collectors Show is a weekly Internet based radio program devoted to collectors and collectibles of all type. It can be heard on and on iTunes.  To read all the latest news about collecting that is worth reading, go to

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