Experts From Antiques Roadshow To Appear Over Four Consecutive Weeks

To hear The Collectors Show, go to or listen over iTunes.

The guests for The Collectors Show over the next four weeks are all regulars on the popular PBS program “Antiques Roadshow.” This is the first time we ever had a single person from this program on with us, never mind four!

During the month of February we will interview on consecutive programs:

– Lark Mason,

– John Nye,

– Brian Witherell,

– and Amanda Everard.

All are veterans of the Antique and Appraisal world. They have interesting collections of their own and will be discussing among other things:

– Old west collections

– Collecting cameras

– A collection of antique cars which were sold successfully while in a lot, some with trees growing out of them

– Muscle cars

– Their experiences on Antiques Roadshow.

How cool is that!!

More details will be posted here and on our Facebook Page. Check back often to learn more.

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