B&O Railroad Museum To Hold Exhibit Yard Sale

B&O Railroad Museum To Hold Exhibit Yard Sale

This will be interesting to model railroad hobbyists. This story from WBAL-TV in Baltimore. 

BALTIMORE —The B&O Railroad Museum is cleaning out its surplus of trains and putting thousands of items on sale in an upcoming yard sale.

The museum is putting its little treasures up for sale in its round house on Sept. 7.

“It’s one of those things where, when they come off exhibit, what do you do with them? You put them in storage. The reality is they don’t see the light of day again, so this is a great opportunity for us to clear out some space and for people to get some memories themselves,” explained museum Chief Curator Dave Shackelford.

There will be a bit of everything available, including old history books, hundreds of pictures depicting life on the railroad and exhibit panels.

“We have HO-scale model train cars. We have B&O box cars, tank cars, baggage tags from the railroad company – literally, we have thousands of these — and lantern globes,” Shackelford said.

He said items can range from $2-$100. Since it’s a yard sale, some prices are final, but some can also be talked down, Shackelford said. Visitors can also buy raffle tickets to win big prizes like some 1940s-era Sleepy Hollow seats.

“We’ve got a diesel engine bell. They were actually operated by compressed air, and even with our trains we’re running today, this is the type of bell that’s actually being rung,” Shackelford said.

All of the money raised will go toward the museum’s restoration projects, some of which are still in the works from the President’s Day blizzard of 2003.

“A typical restoration is about $250,000, and that’s a cosmetic operation. That’s not getting it operational — that’s just taking care of what needs to be done,” Shackelford said.

The yard sale runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m

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